Welcome, and thanks for visiting my website. Happy New Show Season! Artie and I have already gotten a few good shows under our belts, and we are anxious for more to come. Thanks to everyone who has visited me this year or in the past and/or purchased paintings.


My work is generated from my life's and my family's experiences. It is everything that makes me feel good, so I hope it makes you feel good, too.


I've been painting up a storm, just doing whatever strikes me, which are some strange things!

My newest paintings are Pepperidge Farms "Goldfish," "Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup," "Surries on the Boardwalk, OCNJ," and "Oves Beach Grill." I enjoy taking mundane subjects and making them appear magical in my paintings. Click on the painting link below to see a large version and other new paintings in my “New And Recent Work” Gallery.

Junk Food

New Work: Goldfish


2018 Art Show schedule is tentative and subject to additions and revisions.


Upcoming Shows: